Is Dirty Talk Magic?

Violet Beau
3 min readAug 11, 2020


Dirty talk was just a term someone assigned to the new tool I had found to turn myself on. At a certain point in my middle-womanhood process of sexual habit reevaluation I found myself in a wonderful community of supportive open beings who encouraged my practice in this area. They cheered me on and watched with slack jaws and wide eyes while an entire scene of a vampire love affair unfolded in my brain and quickly dripped from my lips. I told this particular scenario upon request but the sound effects and ASMRish whispery sensations were included as extra.

Dirty Talk workshop at Berlin’s Kinky Xmas Market 2019

I am confident with words, I am well read and have a good command of English. I like to speak and am connected to the words I use. I also get good feedback on my voice and accent. Scottish accent dirty talk? This verbalising has really helped me connect the dots between the things in my subconscious and the real world. It helped me focus during sex and that’s what I love about it most. Talking out loud about dirty things allows me to go from a moment of complete unsexual-ness to intimacy or kinkiness. It lets me forget about the fact that my hair is super dirty or that I need to go to the supermarket soon and let’s me fully connect with what’s happening at that moment.

Exercise: Talk to yourself about doing the dishes next time you’re doing the dishes. When you talk about the task at hand (Or to the dishes directly) maybe you’ll notice a difference in how present you are. Or maybe your roommates will hear you calling their favourite mug a slut, I dunno.

It’s also a fucking magic tool to bring someone along on a journey. I called my first workshops Dirty Talk Magic because I genuinely feel that this is what it is. I feel I have the power to grab someone’s full attention and fill their minds with images and sensations and prompt psychological responses from them. That’s so cool! You got your magic wand on your face, love.

This type of dirty talking is also fun to play with stuff you may never consider actually acting out or that you might be interested in just.. considering first. There are things that are sexy to think and talk about and things that are sexy to do. Sometimes things stay in one category and sometimes they switch. That’s nice too because I have used this to work through relationship shame and also work through some taboos of my own.

So to conclude, why do I think dirty talk is magic?

  • It connects my always horny body to my always horny mind
  • I can take someone on a journey through their own fantasies
  • Words/sounds are horny!
  • Communication is fucking sexy

Thanks for reading my first ever Medium article. Woohoo!

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